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Fearing the loss of his authority and job, a lonely emasculated high school custodian sets his sights on the new part-time employee: a poor refugee student.

I've enjoyed collaborating with writer/director Phil Aceto as Co-Producer and Editor on this short film.  The subject and tone has given us a chance to test the waters for a longer and more in depth project in the near future.  Phil has written a feature called The Gloaming which takes the same characters from this short film and expands the conflict and emotion on a much larger scale.


Official Selection 2018 Big Apple Film Festival.


-Official Selection 2018 Vancouver International Film Festival.

-Writer/Director Phil Aceto's official website

-Open House IMDB page

Broadway World article

Open House mentioned as highlight at VIFF

This is a strong year for the International Shorts program, which features the Sundance Grand Prize winner Matria and a handful of World Premieres, four of which are in the Teen Perspectives program. A Picnic Table, At Dusk is the story of a distressed teen girl who finds help from a stranger through a unique communication method; the suspenseful Seen From Above turns a boy-girl romance into a one-way conversation with a drone; Hard Rubbish details a night of adventure and affirmation for a group of teen boys; Bodies immerses the viewer in a world of two adolescent BFF's; Open House is the intense character study of a marginalized high school janitor; and The Light Refracts into the Shadows takes an aging man on a hallucinatory journey. VIFF is also proud to bring back the Reel Youth Film Festival, reaffirming a partnership that has lasted more than a decade. (original source here)

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